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"… it propelled her to be more active … and really helped her with core muscle development. I would definitely buy this again!"

| Review by CD Keen

"My daughter has cerebral palsy … she instantly was able to swim faster and more freely. She mermaid-swam for 45 minutes straight!"

| Review by Carrie Nash

"When she first got into the pool with it, I was so nervous. I insisted that she wear a life vest…After a few laps, we let her take off the life vest...She said that it is actually easier for her to swim with the tail than without it."

| Review by Jennifer H

"My daughter…had issues in the water, for instance she always held her nose ...But fin fun just changed everything. She knew! She loved her tail and took to the water like a mermaid in it from day 1…She is now an excellent swimmer! THANK YOU!!!!"

| Review by Jane & Juniper

"… EXCELLENT product seems to be made very well the mono fin is alot better then my daughters previous one and the most important thing is my daughter LOVES IT. You will not need to look anywhere else for Mermaid tail Fin Fun is the one."

| Review by Mitchell Courtois

"Our daughter is 10 years old and has wanted a mermaid tail in the worst way for years. When we saw this product, we decided to go for it because we know it won't be long before she won't want things like this... So cool. We highly recommend it. Totally worth it."

| Review by Aaron Reiter

mermaid tails on wendy williams