#1 Swimmable Mermaid Tail in the World

Look and swim like a real mermaid in a Fin Fun swimmable mermaid tail and patented monofin! Fin Fun specializes in fabric mermaid tails that are durable, comfortable, and are made with a specialty swimsuit fabric. From realistic mermaid scale prints in the Mermaidens® collection to the sparkle and shimmer of the unique texture in our Limited Edition collection, the colorful and bold designs from Fin Fun will appeal to kids and adults alike.

What makes Fin Fun Mermaid Tails the #1 Swimmable Mermaid Tail?

  • 100% Swimmable - experience the joy and freedom of mermaid swimming with a fabric tail made from high-quality swimsuit material.
  • Superior Safety Features - open bottom mermaid tail design and patented monofin that offers quick release.
  • Machine Washable - our tails are durable enough to be washed on the gentle cycle in your washing machine.
  • Patented Monofin - made with dive-grade neoprene, fits any foot size, built for comfort, and offers a lifetime warranty against insert breakage.


... it propelled her to be more active ... and really helped her with core muscle development. I would definitely buy this again!

CD Keen (Amazon)

The design is amazing and in the water the skin looks so real! I was wary of this tail at first because the "fluke" monofin looked too small for my preference.let me just say that this tail swims perfectly! It is the perfect size! So in love with their monofin design very comfortable! I underestimated this tail!

Mermaid Karma

My daughter...had issues in the water, for instance she always held her nose ...But fin fun just changed everything. She knew! She loved her tail and took to the water like a mermaid in it from day 1...She is now an excellent swimmer! THANK YOU!!!!

Jane & Juniper

When she first got into the pool with it, I was so nervous. I insisted that she wear a life vest...After a few laps, we let her take off the life vest...She said that it is actually easier for her to swim with the tail than without it.

Jennifer H
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