Watercolor Waves Mermaid Tail Skin

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$54.95 to $64.95

Behind every mermaid lies a story of enchantment with the undersea world. Express your creative side with our Watercolor Waves Limited Edition tail skin, painted with a palette of oceanic colors. Featuring overlapping, bubbly scales of greens, blues, and purples that meld into a work of art, you’ll fall in love with mermaiding all over again! A glittery sheen completes our canvas.

  • Size Youth 12 Tail Skins and Larger Require a Monofin Pro
  • Sizes Youth 6, 8, and 10 Require a Monofin Jr.
  • Reinforced Tail Tip Technology
  • 60-Day Tail Tip Warranty—the Best in the Industry
  • Glitter Sparkles
  • Machine Washable

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