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You can learn more about these playful Mermaidens by visiting FinFirends.com, our interactive site for kids that includes mermaid stories, games, videos, and even contests and giveaways! Once you’ve become acquainted with their stories, you’ll know exactly which mermaid you want to become! Of course, you can always pick the color that suits your personality best. Fin Fun has something for everyone, in all colors of the rainbow. Speaking of rainbows—we have multi-colored tails that are perfect for those days of indecision. For a complete mermaid makeover, you can match any of these tails perfectly with coordinating tops and bottoms. All of our Mermaiden and Limited Edition mermaid tails are made with our new reinforced tips that prevent tearing, and come backed by a 60-day guarantee to ensure that you’re totally satisfied!

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And while you’re browsing, don’t forget our Cuddle Tails blankets for those days at home when you’re out of the water. Shaped like cute mermaid tails, these blanket tails are made of the coziest minky material for optimal comfort. Whether you’re headed to a sleepover, campout, or just staying home—they’re perfect for kids and adults.