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Hip Flip Mermaid Tail

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One mermaid tail, two looks. Hip Flip’s double-sided design features two jewel-toned color palettes that sparkle with black glitter! With one side emerald-hued and the other, amethyst, which side will take center stage? You decide!

  • Reinforced Tips Prevent Holes
  • 1-Year Tail Tip Warranty
  • Black Holographic Glitter
  • Machine Washable
  • Sizes for Kids & Adults
  • Tail skins made in USA with fabric from S. Korea.
  • Meets international safety standards (ASTM F963, EN 71, AS/NZS 150 8124)
360 Hip Flip Mermaid Tail Hip Flip Mermaid Tail Hip Flip Mermaid Tail Hip Flip Mermaid Tail Hip Flip Mermaid Tail
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Pursue your dreams in a mermaid tail featuring two stunning color palettes inspired by genuine gemstones! With one side featuring shades of emerald green and citrine—and the other, purple amethyst and sapphire, this Limited Edition design gives you two looks with one tail! Plus, a black onyx color courses through the sides of the tail and around the fluke, melding the two looks together for a flawless transition! A special layer of black holographic sparkles completes this Limited Edition design, available in sizes for kids and adults.

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