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Free Tail Replacement Guarantee

90-Day Tail Tip Warranty

We recognize that one of the biggest issues mermaid tail users face is damage to the tail tips from rubbing against rough surfaces, so we have found a way to provide maximum protection against wear and tear.

Fin Fun’s 90-Day Tail Tip Warranty protects against any holes, rips, or shredding on your mermaid tail tips*!

If you experience any holes or other damage to your Fin Fun mermaid tail tips within the first 90 days from purchase, your mermaid tail is eligible for a one-time, FREE tail replacement in the same size/style at no charge. This guarantee applies to all Mermaidens, Limited Edition, and Atlantis swimmable mermaid tails that feature our innovative new reinforced tips. Additionally, using another company’s monofin in a Fin Fun tail can damage or destroy your mermaid tail in one use and voids our 90-Day Tail Tip Warranty.

*Warranty is for Mermaidens, Limited Edition, and Atlantis collection tails with new reinforced tail tips. Sparkle Tails are excluded.

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