Rainbow Reef Sarong

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Finding the perfect sarong for girls and women doesn’t have to be daunting. Choose Fin Fun’s mermaid-scale pattern of bold rainbow colors for an eye-catching look that’ll impress any pool goer. Made of stretchy swimsuit fabric, our high-quality sarongs are super soft and silky to the touch.

  • Mermaid-Scale Print
  • Four-Way Stretch Fabric
  • Resistant to Fading
  • Wrap-and-Tie Hold
rainbow reef mermaid sarong  rainbow reef sarong
 rainbow reef sarong

Grab your friends and walk down to the beach wearing this stylish sarong of rainbow colors! You’ll love the jewel tones found within Serena’s Rainbow Reef pattern that looks just like a stash of glistening gems you’d find inside a treasure chest!

Our sarongs for women promote poolside confidence, as they cover your bottom half and conceal your bikini bottom. Trendy ruffled edges provide an extra element of fun and help secure the fabric when tied to the side. Just like our high-quality swimsuit fabrics, our sarongs are resistant to fading from chlorine and saltwater elements—so you can focus on being the mermaid you’ve always dreamed of!

Our sarongs wash easily on the cold, gentle cycle of your washing machine. Lay flat or hang to air dry. Avoid all forms of high heat like hot tubs, dryers, and irons to prevent damage to the spandex fibers.


  • 82% Polyester, 18% Spandex

Product Details

  • Women’s size: 42.5” X 21.5”
  • Kids’ size: 39.5” X 17.5”
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