Original Celtic Green Mermaid Tail Skin

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Become the mermaid you’ve always dreamed of being in this emerald-toned mermaid tail skin from our gorgeous Mermaidens line! Brynn’s Celtic Green Mermaid tail skin features scales in the deepest, boldest greens imaginable for a shimmery, sea-faring mermaid experience you won’t find anywhere else!

  • Size Youth 12 Tail Skins and Larger Require a Monofin Pro
  • Sizes Youth 6, 8, and 10 Require a Monofin Jr.
  • Innovative Reinforced Tail Tip Technology!
  • 60-Day Tail Tip Warranty - the Best in the Industry
  • Exceptional Safety Features
  • Soft, Machine Washable Fabric

Ensure a safe swimming experience with the complete tail and monofin. Find the perfect matching swimsuit top and bottom in a coordinating Celtic Green scale design or solid colors to complete your mermaid makeover!

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Out of Stock

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  • Youth 6
  • Youth 8
  • Youth 10
  • Youth 12
  • Adult XS
  • Adult S
  • Adult M
  • Adult L

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