Mermaidens Poster "Waverlee's Rescue"

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Rediscover life in the MerWorld with this high-quality poster featuring Mermaiden Waverlee! Now you can spruce up your bedroom decor with "Waverlee's Rescue" on display in a 24" x 18" illustration.

Mermaidens Poster "Waverlee's Rescue"
Mermaidens Poster "Waverlee's Rescue"

Waverlee's Rescue

Limited Edition 24" x 18" Poster

Imagine life under the sea with this stunning illustration of Mermaiden Waverlee. Get your own printed copy of "Waverlee's Rescue" and display this fascinating illustration of mermaid princess Waverlee, who uses her power to control the waves and save a human girl from drowning. While Waverlee risks exposing herself and the MerWorld to humans, she can't just watch the girl struggle to stay afloat when she holds the power to save her in the palm of her hand. She makes the choice to save the girl and sets in motion a chain of events unprecedented in the history of both the human world and the MerWorld.

These Limited Edition prints will soon become collector's items as the Mermaidens™ are just beginning to make themselves known around the world. Get yours now and own a piece of Fin Fun history!

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