Mermaidens Poster "Brynn's Guiding Light"

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If you loved reading Mermaiden Brynn's first story, you'll love owning the Limited Edition poster that illustrates the royal princess guiding a ship through the storm with her special power! Display "Brynn's First Storm" on your bedroom wall, and introduce your friends to the MerWorld!

Mermaidens Poster "Brynn's Guiding Light"
Mermaidens Poster "Brynn's Guiding Light"

Brynn's Guiding Light

Limited Edition 24" x 18" Poster

Reawaken the magic you felt while reading Brynn's introductory story!

These Limited Edition prints will soon become collector's items as the Mermaidens™ are just beginning to make themselves known around the world. Get yours now and you can say you knew them when...

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