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Mermaid Tail Safety

Be Mermaid Tail Ready
Mermaid Tail Safety Rules

Safety Rules

Follow These Rules for Proper Mermaid Safety and You’ll be Swimming Like a Mermaid in No Time!

supervision icon

Always Use Under Adult Supervision

swim limit

Know Your Limit. Swim Within It.

mermaid tail ready

Be Mermaid Tail Ready

dont swim through

Do Not Dive or Swim Over, Under or Through Objects

fish bubbles

Humans Don’t Have Gills so Remember to Breathe

respect water wave

Respect the Water. We Recommend Swimming in Clear, Calm Waters

swim person

Only Swim as a Mermaid Where you Would Safely Swim as a Human

ensure size

Ensure a Proper Fit & Use Correct Size Monofin

browning family

“As parents of children ourselves, we focus on and emphasize safety first in everything we do. It is a big deal for us and we know it is for you, too.”

Our Story

Quick Release Method

Removing Your Tail & Monofin in the Water

quick release

Press One Foot Down Against the Monofin While Pulling Up and Out with the Other

quick release

Repeat for Other Foot & Push Off Your Monofin

quick release

Pull Down Mermaid Tail Below Hips & Swim Out of Your Tail

browning family

“As parents of children ourselves, we focus on and emphasize safety first in everything we do. It is a big deal for us and we know it is for you, too.”

Our Story

Dear Customer,

The invention of the Fin Fun® mermaid tail has sparked a mermaid craze around the world! Our premium quality mermaid tails have been sold to hundreds of thousands of customers in more than 180 countries. If you haven’t seen a Genuine Fin Fun tail in action, we are confident you will soon! Before you give one to your child, you need to make sure he/she is “Mermaid Tail Ready” and, as with any water activity, the child should be under adult supervision at all times during use.

As parents of children ourselves, we focus on and emphasize safety first in everything we do. It is a big deal for us and we know it is for you, too. This focus makes our tails different from other, less expensive tails. One example appeared in an online video that went viral in which a young girl was wearing another manufacturer/seller’s tail. The video shows her seeming to struggle as she tries to do an underwater roll in a shallow, above ground pool. Doing a roll in a mermaid tail is a very common move for experienced swimmers (there are thousands of videos of mermaids performing this move), but we were grateful for a vigilant parent who helped this inexperienced young girl get turned right side up. The tail featured did not have the important safety features of a Fin Fun tail and monofin. Instead, the tail in the video was sewn shut at the bottom and used a small, inexpensive flipper. A Fin Fun tail has an opening on the bottom of the monofin which forces air to transfer through and will never create an air pocket. Also, our foot retainers are specially designed to allow quick release from your feet with a slight tug and a kick, yet they stay firmly on your feet when you want them to. Not to mention they are also extremely comfortable, lightweight, and can help you swim up to 2x faster than without one!

Our tails and monofins meet the Child Protection Safety Commission (CPSC) requirements for the United States (as well as meeting US toy safety standard ASTM F963, European toy safety standard EN 71, and the Australian toy safety standard AS/NZS 150 8124) and are built with quality materials throughout. It concerns us when we see others trying to create similar products that may cost less, but are frankly not safe. We use high quality, lightweight, stretchable materials that allow our mermaids to have fun without weighing them down. Swimming in our tails can be learned very quickly with just a bit of practice (see our new swimming instruction video on this page!). We personally believe swimmers ages 5 and younger should not use a tail with a monofin. We have realistic looking toddler tails that will still let these young mermaids feel like real mermaids.

We encourage parents, public pools, and other facilities to use their best judgment to decide if you are ready for our tails. Public pools are beginning to offer Mermaid certification/training classes. They have seen that this is an excellent opportunity to encourage kids to learn to swim and be active, while increasing opportunities for swimming lessons and other events. More information on these exciting opportunities for Mermaid classes and parties is available online at or by calling us directly at 844-434-6386.

We are grateful for the privilege we have of helping children dream, and we enjoy the chance to be part of positive change in so many children’s lives. It's great to see kids be active and imaginative in their play. We thank you for being part of our Fin Fun family!

Eric Browning, CEO