Majestic Monarch Mermaid Tail Skin

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$34.95 to $44.95

This spectacular Limited Edition butterfly tail skin in hues of violet and amethyst represents all of nature's amazingly purple wonders. Gracefully flip and flutter through calm waters in this delicately patterned mermaid tail that will instantly become the envy of your poolside friends!

  • Size Youth 12 Tail Skins and Larger Require a Monofin Pro
  • Sizes Youth 6, 8, and 10 Require a Monofin Jr.
  • Ultra-Shiny Texture Sparkles
  • 60-Day Tail Tip Warranty - the Best in the Industry
  • Reinforced Tail Tip Technology!
  • Machine Washable
  • Durable & Comfortable

Look gorgeous in matching swimsuit tops and bottoms of black or purple. For a complete swimming ensemble, purchase a mermaid tail and monofin set.

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