Cooper the Turtle Plush Toy

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The perfect FinFriend to speedy Mermaiden Zoey, Cooper the Turtle enjoys the fast-paced lifestyle of his mermaid friend and their life in the Coral Sea. Plus, Cooper's unique turtle shell pattern sets him apart for a truly magical feel.

Cooper the Turtle Plush Toy
Cooper the Turtle Plush Toy

Cooper the Turtle is the perfect companion for mermaid princess Zoey, as he encourages her to laugh and be carefree in their home waters of the Coral Sea. Also, Cooper loves to ride with Zoey on the East Australian Current or hitchhike on the backs of whales to explore the seas at maximum speed!

Made from a high-quality plush material, this stuffed toy is soft and cozy. Featuring detailed embroidery and an exciting shell pattern that brings out his jolly personality, FinFriend Cooper the Turtle will have the kids cuddling up for sure!


  • 9" long
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