Want the Rib-Crushing Hugs & Ear Piercing Screams that come with giving the BEST GIFT EVER?

Give her a genuine Fin Fun Mermaid Tail & watch her light up like never before!

Top 5 Reasons a Fin Fun Mermaid Tail is the Best Gift Ever!

  1. A mermaid tail gets the kids off the couch and outside to play. No batteries or electricity needed!

  2. A toy that encourages imaginary play and exercise is a no brainer for parents these days.

  3. Wearing a mermaid tail allows a young girl to express her individuality in a unique way that often gets very positive feedback from others. Girls frequently become the "hit' of the pool.

  4. Encourages learning swimming skills. Often parents use a mermaid tail as an incentive for kids to learn to do the "dolphin kick".

  5. The Fin Fun "unboxing" experience is truly exceptional. We believe that everyone deserves to dream and we try to make your experience a "dream come true" from the moment you receive your package.