Aussie Green Sarong

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Mermaid sarongs are a must-have item when you’re planning a day of swimming! Our signature Aussie Green scale pattern features whimsical tones of blue and green that look just like colors found in ocean water! Its ruffled edges add visual appeal while helping to secure the wrap-and-tie hold at the waist.

  • Mermaid-Scale Print
  • Four-Way Stretch Fabric
  • Resistant to Fading
  • Wrap-and-Tie Hold
Aussie Green Sarong Aussie Green Sarong Aussie Green Sarong
Aussie Green Sarong
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Start living your mermaid dreams with a stretchy sarong made just for girls and women! You’ll love how its flexible swimsuit fabric moves effortlessly with your every stride. Plus, it resists fading from harsh elements like chlorine and salt water. Featuring a wrap-and-tie design that secures easily around the waist with trendy ruffled edges, this high-quality mermaid sarong will take you from your house to the pool in perfect mermaid style!

The most authentic of mermaid-scale patterns features true ocean colors! You’ll love the gorgeous green and blue hues found within this signature-scale look. Tie this shimmering sarong around our matching mermaid bikini swimwear or any solid-colored swimsuit of blue or green and you’ll create a memorable look your friends will adore!

To keep colors true, wash your sarong on the cold, gentle cycle of your washing machine. Lay flat or hang to air dry. Avoid all forms of high heat like hot tubs, dryers, and irons to prevent damage to the spandex fibers.


  • 82% Polyester, 18% Spandex

Product Details

  • Women’s size: 42.5” X 21.5”
  • Kids’ size: 39.5” X 17.5”
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