Aussie Green Collection

Sea glass colored scales in shades of blue and emerald flow through our Aussie Green collection in magnificent, multidimensional patterns. Coordinate your mermaid scales for a complete transformation. Whether you’re on dry land or swimming under the sea, you’ll enter a realm of fantasy with this popular design.

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  1. Aussie Green Mermaid Tail
    Aussie Green Mermaid Tail
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  2. Mermaidens Bundle: Aussie Green
    Mermaidens Bundle: Aussie Green
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Dreaming of the ocean constantly? Yearning for the mermaid life, swimming far away from the demands on land? Can’t decide which mermaid tail is THE ONE when looking at all the blue and green mermaid tails that Fin Fun has to offer? We hear you loud and clear! Our best-selling Aussie Green collection includes both of these beautiful colors in the Aussie Green mermaid tail, flowing with blue and green scales in a captivating, marbleized pattern. This beautiful blend of ocean colors graces several products designed to match the tail itself. The breathtaking mermaid scale pattern encompasses mermaid swimwear, apparel, toys & more for a truly coordinated look designed to make you feel like a real mermaid.


It’s true! Even you can become a mermaid with Fin Fun’s special collection of swimmable mermaid tails for kids and adults. Our unique designs are truly exclusive to the Fin Fun brand, created with the utmost attention to detail. Fin Fun’s mermaid scale fabric is made of a premium swimsuit material that stretches four ways with your every movement, ensuring a comfortable experience in and out of water. Each and every mermaid tail comes in sizes for girls, boys, women, and men—because we believe that everyone deserves to dream. The Aussie Green collection features a gender-neutral design, which is the perfect choice for anyone ready to join the watery world of mermaiding.