Asian Magenta Collection

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Because you are mermaid royalty, you’ll want to sport the rich purple scales and subtle pink accents of our Asian Magenta collection! Our 3D design delivers an undeniably realistic look that magnifies the magic of mermaiding—the perfect way to complete your regal transformation.


Channel the look of a regal mermaid with Fin Fun’s Asian Magenta collection, featuring purple scales with a hint of magenta. Your merfriends may envy your purple mermaid tail and want one of their own once they see you swimming through the water with an aura of regality. No matter! Everyone deserves to dream, so if their greatest desire is to own a mermaid tail flowing with bubbly purple scales, then that is what they shall have!


So many products, so little time. We know the struggle of wanting it all, but there’s no shame in buying your favorites first! Diehard purple fanatics will swim for our mermaid bikini swimwear available as a full set or individually, not to mention our glamorous Grape Sea Wave set that coordinates so elegantly with items from Fin Fun’s Asian Magenta collection. You’ll see how the purple really pops against the mermaid scale pattern when you wear the solid purple bikini top with a mermaid tail or sarong. Do you have a little mermaid at home who would go absolutely bonkers for our Mermaidens bundle in Asian Magenta? Besides boasting mermaid tankinis for juniors, our sets include the mermaid tail, monofin, and additional goodies that make for a hassle-free gift on any special occasion!