Zoey's Aussie Green Mermaid Tail

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Machine Washable

Walkable Safety Features

Breathable, Fade-Resistant Fabric

100% Swimmable

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Price Starts at $44.95


Zoey's Aussie Green Mermaid Tail

This multicolored tail in a pattern of fish scales is fun, flashy, and fishy!

The scales are shades of ocean blue, sea green, turquoise and blue-green. The dimensional look and shading gives the appearance of true, overlapping fish scales. The fin looks ribbed and realistic with the same palette of colors. But the real magic happens when the fabric gets wet! In the water, the pattern really develops a beautiful sheen and depth unique to the Mermaiden line of Fin Fun products.

Made from a poly and spandex blend , the tail fabric is soft, comfortable and durable. It can be machine washed in a gentle cycle in cool water. Please note: Exposure to high temperatures (such as in hot tubs, dryers, etc.) can cause the spandex in the fabric to lose it's elasticity and become "stretched out".

Learn more about Mermaiden Zoey at www.finfriends.com!

How to Put on a Mermaid Tail

Genuine Fin Fun


Most Comfortable Monofin on the Market

Light, Flexible and Unbreakable

Fast, Powerful Propulsion

Fits Any Size Feet

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Our exclusive monofin is the most comfortable, safe, and realistic mermaid monofin in the world. You will experience a new level of mermaid power as you glide through the water with the best mermaid monofin available! With our patented design and buoyant neoprene cover, there is no other monofin like it. It fits so naturally you can hardly see your feet and ankles inside, which helps you look like a REAL mermaid! Although our monofin fits comfortably and securely, you can also remove it quickly and easily with a light tug. Watch the video below to see the Fin Fun monofin in action!

Tail Protectors

Do you have an older pool surface that is rougher than most? Even when you're careful, the tips of your tail may wear through and develop holes when rubbed against a rough pool surface. Our Tail Protector includes highly technologically advanced, clear, waterproof protection tape that helps you "Love" your tail even longer!

Watch the videos below for more information on Monofins and Tail Protectors!

How To Protect Your Mermaid Tail

Watch how easy it is to kick off a Fin Fun Monofin & Tail -- no straps!

For Safety Information, click here!

There is no emoji for my happiness


I just got my tail and it is gorgeous! The monofin is harder to get on than my Coral Seas Mermaid monofin, but it gets easier to do the more you do it. Plus it's a billion and one times better and durable. My last one had every bit of fabric torn by the sixth swim. Total rip-off. Unlike fin fun. There is no emoji for my happiness.

Great quality


I got an orange one last year and it is still holding up. I love wearing it at the beach and the pool little girls love it and U get my picture taken all the time. If you just use the care instructions it will hold up for a long time. Overall great and awesome


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Haii I'm Karen (8 years old) from Indonesia.. I just got my Aussie Green and I loooveeeee it so much that I made a video.. just TYPE "Best Fin Fun video by Choco" http://youtu.be/461-Lh1W4m0 for a CLOSER LOOK of the TAIL and HOW TO USE .. Every girl's dream

***** Amazing! *****


I love this tail! It look amazing since each side is made from one piece of fabric, and the Fin Fun logo is barely visible. The monofin is extremely easy to use, and I actually had to re-learn how to swim without it after using it for but half an hour. I certainly recommend it. Five stars.

Awesome, but there are some cons


the tail itself is awesome (i got the tropical sunrise and my friend has the aussie green) and the texture is so realistic! BUT I do have some complaints about it... CONS 1# it gets scratched up easily 2# when the tail is wet, you can see the fin fun logo through it 3# the monofin is a bit too flexible 1# the first time i wore my mermaid tail, i was VERY gentle, but it still got scratched up! and yes, i know you have those fin protecters now, but i just wanted to say that. 2# the monofin has the fin fun logo in bold white (against a black monofin) with thick lettering. when my tail is wet, you can see the logo VERY clearly. maybe darken your logo, or maybe have it on the plastic inside, but where it is right now is too obvious to see... 3#ok, so the third isnt exactly a con, but i'm a really strong swimmer! there monofins are great for beginners, but for advanced swimmers, like me, want to go faster and be able to work our muscles! i'm not saying to get rid of your old monofins, but im suggesting you make an advanced monofin! the advanced monofin can have thicker plastic (makes you swim faster) for swimmers like me! oh yah, and now that we're on the topic of cons, i have one question: why did you put that large 'M' on the mermaid tails? they looked fine before, but then you put these very obvious M's on them! i was pretty disappointed when i saw my tail had this 'M' on it that anyone could see! it ruins the realisim of it! PRO'S 1# extremely realistic 2# comfortable 3# makes you swim faster 4# easy to use 5# looks beautiful underwater well, i hope this helped ya'll:) i hope you reply to this, FinFun! i'm not hating on you, but I do see some stuff that needs progress... and i really hope you take my 'advanced monofin' thing seriously! it would be a dream come true if you did this! From, Ariel

Best thing EVER!!!!


I have most of the tail skins and LOVE THEM!!! shipping came in 3 days and soon i was a mermaid! Every time i go to the pool little kids ask me if im a mermaid and yes i say yes every time and we take selfies! lol! also i have one question: are you going to come out with new skins soon? thx!, mermaid Faith



I have been surfing the web for many years and I was overjoyed when these tail met my expectations. I have been buying FinFun products for 3 years now, and their product has made my dream come true. Some other reviews have said that the logo on the mono fin shows when they fabric on the tail is wet, but this is not true. You will have to be ready for little girls surrounding you in aw though, these tails are quite the attention catcher. I highly recommend this product. This will be my 3rd.

Love it!!!

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I got my mermaid tail a few days ago and I'm so excited to finally get to wear it!!! I really love this tail mostly because it is so pretty with all the colors!!! I recommend this tail to anyone.



This tail is amazing it's beautiful underwater. I don't have this tail but, my friend does. The monofin slips in the tail really easy and quick. I'm getting my tail in about 2 weeks. Thanks Fin Fun


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This tail is amazing. I loved this one out of all of them. I think it's so pretty. I love the colors, how it comes with a matching top, and you can swim with it. Every girls dream. I would definitely rate this five stars. I have been wanting one for a long time and finally I got one! I recommend this to basically any girl or woman. Thanks for making these...... VERY EXCITED!!! Thx, Brielle

I'm in love with this tail

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I'm in love with this tale and my brothers keep taking it from me!!! I really love it because of how fast and graceful I can swim in it!!! I love you fin fun!!!!

Best Gift EVER!!

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I received this mermaid tail for my birthday, and am now obsessed. I had been wanting one for about two years and finally got one. This mermaid tail is great for beginner mermaids! Not only is the tail gorgeous, it is high quality! Considering the features of this tail, it is worth every cent you pay for it. If you are thinking of buying this tail for someone, or for yourself; you will not regret doing so! Have a tail-flippin' day!

There are some cons........

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Hi there i love my tail it is so pretty but there are some cons CONS: 1.the tail it's self is way to floppy you can see my legs through the tail and i have a monofin 2. My tail ripped the day i got it even though i was so gentle and carful now here are the pro's PRO'S 1. It is very beautiful 2. I can swim very fast in it 3.the shipping was not that costly 4. It is machine washable the pros do beat out the cons but still i'm giving it 4 stars.


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It is a amazing tail seeing it in the water made me want to have my own! Thank you for making my daughters dreams come true!


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I got this tail for my 18th birthday and it is fabulous. I've had it for five months now and had no problems with either the tail nor the monofin. Easy to use, amazing to swim in. I've gotten compliments from strangers and little kids have said I was an actual mermaid! This is a beautiful tail and I recommend it to every little girl out there.

Amazing! Worth buying!

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5 stars! Great quality, especially the monifin, the scaling looks realistic, and I can swim really fast!!!

I LOVE my tail!

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Thank you fin fun! I love my tail! When I was swimming at our community pool the other day a girl swam up to me and asked if I was a real mermaid. I said no, and that I got my tail from Fin Fun. She said that she would check you guys out. You guys are finominal. (Get it FINominal)!!!!


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In March, my seven year old cousin fell ill and so to surprise her with a day she'd never forget, my mom did my makeup and gave me a wig and most importantly one of your tales! My cousin was brought to the beach and I was down by the water. She was so happy! I'm so glad I made her feel better. She's been very ill for a long time! It felt good to put a smile on her face! Even though she's seven, she can still be quite rough with things and was fiddling with the monofin but even after that there wasn't a mark on the tail at all! I'm so happy with 1. The high quality of the tail and 2. I made my cousin get better! Thanks fin fun! U guys are amazing! I'll definitely be coming back! ~FinFunFan!

I wonder...

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There should be fin patches to cover up holes. it could be like a fin protector material with the scale pattern printed on. I understand you can get a new skin, but patches are much cheaper and would sell well. -Fin Fun says: You're in luck. We do sell Fin Protector Kits which can be used to protect your tips from wear & tear and also to patch holes on an existing tail. They are clear, so your scale pattern shows right through.

Read this now

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Fin Fun is amazing, unbelievable, and realistic. An 11 year old entirely thought I was real. I never would have guessed that my summer fun would all depend on a mermaid tail. Also, these prices are very reasonable for the price of such high quality materials.

Best thing EVER

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Even though it's a lot of money it's totally worth it. one problem is I have a slight rip in the cover of my mono fin cover but is okay I can easily get it sewn. This tail is amazing TOTALLY WORTH IT. it is the best thing ever (I don't like the other tail company's they don't make it as good as fin fun) thank fin fun for making great tails .

Very Good I do recommend!!!

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I have always wanted to be a mermaid but lets get to reality it is not going to happen or so I though....... I saw lots of videos on YouTube of these mermaid tails so luckily the link was in the description box of the video and it came to fin fun. I have been begging for one forever everyday I would beg my mom so finally she gave in. Once I got my mermaid tail it was packaged very well it even had separate cute little bags with the swimsuit top and mermaid tail. Overall I was happy with the results wherever I brought it I had tons of people literally surrounding me just so interested and WOWED LOL. Even my friends were just like "I want that!" Although when I took it with me some pool had a hard pool bottom floor and it made a tiny hole I was very upset not with Fin Fun it was not their fault. So, I would make sure to get the protectors when I get a new mermaid cover tail I will get the protectors next time! Overall I was very happy and still use it to this day. BE PREPARED TO HAVE ENDLESS SUMMER FUN FOREVER!!!


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I just got my fin fun tail today and it is amazing.I tried it on but it is a little tight but it is snug so that is good.4 1/2 stars out of 5. Can not wait to try it on!


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It fits me and my best friend and I love it. My cousin and my brother got shark fins.

Disappointed in Fabric

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My daughter was so excited to get her mermaid tail. I took her to our pool the next day. Unfortunately the fabric already has a hole in it after one swim. I made sure she put it on in the water as to not damage it. For the price, I wish the fabric was more durable. I could see this after a summer of swimming, but not the first day.