Zoey's Aussie Green Mermaid Tail

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Machine Washable

Walkable Safety Features

Breathable, Fade-Resistant Fabric

100% Swimmable

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Price Starts at $44.95


Zoey's Aussie Green Mermaid Tail

This multicolored tail in a pattern of fish scales is fun, flashy, and fishy!

The scales are shades of ocean blue, sea green, turquoise and blue-green. The dimensional look and shading gives the appearance of true, overlapping fish scales. The fin looks ribbed and realistic with the same palette of colors. But the real magic happens when the fabric gets wet! In the water, the pattern really develops a beautiful sheen and depth unique to the Mermaiden line of Fin Fun products.

Made from a poly and spandex blend , the tail fabric is soft, comfortable and durable. It can be machine washed in a gentle cycle in cool water. Please note: Exposure to high temperatures (such as in hot tubs, dryers, etc.) can cause the spandex in the fabric to lose it's elasticity and become "stretched out".

Learn more about Mermaiden Zoey at www.finfriends.com!

How to Put on a Mermaid Tail

Genuine Fin Fun


Most Comfortable Monofin on the Market

Light, Flexible and Unbreakable

Fast, Powerful Propulsion

Fits Any Size Feet

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Our exclusive monofin is the most comfortable, safe, and realistic mermaid monofin in the world. You will experience a new level of mermaid power as you glide through the water with the best mermaid monofin available! With our patented design and buoyant neoprene cover, there is no other monofin like it. It fits so naturally you can hardly see your feet and ankles inside, which helps you look like a REAL mermaid! Although our monofin fits comfortably and securely, you can also remove it quickly and easily with a light tug. Watch the video below to see the Fin Fun monofin in action!

Tail Protectors

Do you have an older pool surface that is rougher than most? Even when you're careful, the tips of your tail may wear through and develop holes when rubbed against a rough pool surface. Our Tail Protector includes highly technologically advanced, clear, waterproof protection tape that helps you "Love" your tail even longer!

Watch the videos below for more information on Monofins and Tail Protectors!

How To Protect Your Mermaid Tail

Watch how easy it is to kick off a Fin Fun Monofin & Tail -- no straps!

For Safety Information, click here!

Love it!


My friend has the magenta tail, and I have the Aussie tail. We took our to the bech one day, and as soon as we got in, people started to turn their heads at us. We had the best time! Little kids were asking us if we were real mermaids! They were also playing with us. Adults were asking us where get the tails, and we said "FinFunMermaid.com!" These Mermaiden Tails look so realistic! Thanks FinFunMermaid!



I absolutely love this tail. It's my favorite and I love swimming in it. I hope there are more tail designs like this one to come soon.

Best Present Ever!!!! :) :) :)

by -

I LOVE my new Aussie Green tail, Monofin, and matching Bikini Top!!!! :) :) :) I totally wish it was a lot warmer where I live, because as soon as I opened my set, I wanted to swim!!!! :)

Beautiful Tail


The picture just doesn't do this tail justice. It's beautiful, vibrant, durable, and shockingly comfortable! I will definitely be looking to buy more tails and will recommend these to everyone!

Best gift ever!


Today Santa gave me this mermaid tail so I tested it out in the pool. It was amazing!!! It looks like I will be spending a whole lot more time in the water now...



Hi! My name is Ellie and I am just amazed by how this tail worked out! I have always seemed to have a connection with mermaids but I never really knew it. When I finally became so obsessed with them that I wanted my own mermaid tail, I just bought one off of Amazon. But it didn't suit me the way I was hoping. Then I remembered FinFun (one of the websites I saw) and I then saw the Aussie Green tail and just LOVED it! I asked my mom many times but never heard a Yes. Until Christmas of 2014 when I opened my first box to see a beautiful Aussie Green tail with a super floppy mono fin. I now just ADORE this tail and cannot stop wearing it. My friends are totally jealous and I'm planning to get more FinFun tails. I suggest this website for all the mermaid lovers out there and just... THANK YOU SO MUSH FINFIN & I MEAN IT! YOU PEOPLE THAT ARE READING THIS DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW HAPPY I AM!!! So...Thanks! ;)

Great tail


wow! it had such fast delivery ( I live in Australia and i came in 6 days instead if 8!)overall i enjoyed being a mermaid for the first time so much,THANKS FIN-FUN



Hi, this is Mermaid Mayhem! We make videos and episodes at home about a girl who turns into a mermaid. Before, we did not have a great mermaid tail to create our show. Luckily, one of us got the Aussie Green Mermaid Tail with the mono fin for Christmas and we now have the perfect prop!! We are so excited for summer to come so we can continue making shows about mermaids. The tail is very realistic and beautiful and will look amazing in pictures and videos. We are working on a new episode using the tail underwater, and when we post it, we recommend you watch it! It is about a girl who has the chance to become an mermaid and enters the mermaid world. When she is transformed by her guardian of Mermaid Counsel, Shelly, she experiences a world never imagined! We put a lot of hard work into it and you will get the chance to see the tail in action! This tail is a dream come true, and looks better than we could have ever imagined. Thank you fin fun! Our show will be so much better and more realistic now that we have one of your tails! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amazing! :)


I love my mermaid tail. Pictures and videos don't show the real beauty of this tail. The tail is super comfy, the top is too, it looks real in the water, the monofin is super easy to swim in, fits perfectly, etc. I went swimming at the pool ion my neighborhood and every time i passed a little girl there she said "Hi Ariel!" I impressed so many other girls! One parent even asked me to do a party for them! I can't even begin to describe how much I love my tail. thank you so much Fin Fun!



I just looove my new mermaid tail! i think it looks so realistic and is really comfortable! I have been dreaming about having a tail for a LONG time and now i finally have one! thank you fin fun mermaid tail makers! But sadly i dont have a pool so i just have to use hotel pools. :I. And i do have 1 concern. is the tail hard to swim up in? cause if its an emergency will i be able to swim upto the surface easily? anyways.... thanks for the tail! i really love it!!!



I got this tail for Christmas and i LOVE it SSSOOO much!! Its so pretty!! I use to have the Caribbean blue and i love the Aussie Green 10x more!!

zoey's aussie green mermaid tail ROCKS


OMG i love this tail so much!!! the tails are so easy to swim in!!! YOU GUYS HAVE THE BEST TAILS!!!

The Best Purchase Ever!


This is the BEST purchase I've ever made. I had looked for reasonably priced tails all over and NONE were as cheap, or beautiful as FinFun's!

Mermaid Tail


The mermaid tail is very realistic and comfortable! I LOVE IT!!! Keep up the good work!

a suggesttion and a heart


I love this tail so much I can't wait to swim in it when it finally gets warm outside. I also think there should be an h2o tail (orange with a scales with the fin going down the backside like Emma, Cleo, and rikkis tail)



This was purchased as gift for my daughter 9, she loves it. Looks so real when she's swimming. I think it helped that she already knew how to swim butterfly/dolphin kick so as soon as she got into the water it was easy. Highly recommend this very unique gift.



This tail is amazing! I love it sooooooo much! If they cost less I would buy every color of mermaid tail on this website! :D

Great tail!!!


I ordered my Aussie Green tail about 2 weeks ago! When it got here I was amazed when I opened the box for a few reasons. One, it looked so realistic! Two, I got the new monofin part which I wasn't expecting! Three, the box's inside was a beautiful blue with a shell, polka dot pattern and Four, the monofin was super cool! I immediately went into my room to put on the tail and stayed in it for hours! All of the fin fun tails are so beautiful and make you feel like a real mermaid. Thank you finfun for the tail! I give it a 10 out of 10! I'm so in love that I'm ordering another (can't decide on a color) for my birthday!!!



So real looking! Easy to wear and easy to swim in...I wore mine to Mexico and all the little kids thought I was a real mermaid...it was so much fun! I also have the arctic blue tail...but this one is my favorite!



I just got my tail yesterday and I am having so much fun with it. the pictures of the Aussie Green dose not capture the perfect color of this tail. It is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



That tail is amazing!

awesome tail


I love this tail I bought it with my own money and let me just say I think I used the money on a good product I love all your guys tails that you mad if they were cheaper I would get one of every color if you aren't sure about get this tail or other tails from fin fun you should get them they are awesome and really comfortable and easy to swim keep up the great work fin fun

makes you feel like a real mermaid


I think this one looks the most real,and you should get this one. I LOVE IT!!!!!

Aussie green mermaid


I love this tail!!i use it a bunch!if your decisive about get it , do it!

sooo cute!!!!


i LOVE the colors on the tail there sooo beautiful i could swim for hours and they're cheep so i can buy with my b-day money. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING MY DREAMS COME TRUE!!!!! <3