Fin Fun Monofins: Speed, Durability & Comfort

Our PATENTED monofin is the best on the market. Designed to fit your foot comfortably, it is unlike other brands that squeeze your feet into a tight compartment with a heel strap that can slip and come off. Although our monofins fit comfortably and securely, your feet can also come out easily with a light tug. The best part is it gives complete flexibility to all sizes of feet! It also provides a more realistic fin as it covers your feet so naturally you can hardly tell there are feet inside! Look at others and you'll notice bulkiness that can ruin the illusion of being a real mermaid. Our monofins are so comfortable and lightweight they are practically undetectable!

In fact, it is so good we have the U.S. Patent (#9162110) on our unique monofin design. We promise that when you see it in action or use it yourself, you will be amazed!


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Blue Tip Monofin
Price Starts at $54.95
Price Starts at $54.95