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Ready for hours of fun in the pool? Fin Fun’s exclusive Shark Fin has been redesigned with a soft, ultra-lightweight foam-like material that has been engineered just for Fin Fun! It features adjustable straps that are built for comfort and endurance. Children and adults of all ages will love pretending they’re a scary shark in this fun, imaginative Shark Fin.

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This playful blue Fin Fun Shark Fin will have your kids in a frenzy! Our Shark Fin is an exciting new toy for pool games and a wonderful incentive for young swimmers to get in the pool. From toddlers to adults, the straps on our Shark Fin are comfortable, adjustable, and feature a new double-stitched buckle that secures the fin on your child for maximum water movement. Plus, our unique design features shoulder straps that enhance the safety and fit. Our Shark Fin is made from a durable ultra-lightweight foam-like material that resists stains and tears but is soft to the touch. Patent Pending.

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Shark Fin – Our Shark Fin is adjustable and fits most chest sizes. Will fit up to a Men’s XL in most cases!

Genuine Fin Fun


Most Comfortable Monofin on the Market

Light, Flexible and Unbreakable

Fast, Powerful Propulsion

Fits Any Size Feet

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Our exclusive monofin is the most comfortable, safe, and realistic mermaid monofin in the world. You will experience a new level of mermaid power as you glide through the water with the best mermaid monofin available! With our patented design and buoyant neoprene cover, there is no other monofin like it. It fits so naturally you can hardly see your feet and ankles inside, which helps you look like a REAL mermaid! Although our monofin fits comfortably and securely, you can also remove it quickly and easily with a light tug. Watch the video below to see the Fin Fun monofin in action!

Tail Protectors

Do you have an older pool surface that is rougher than most? Even when you're careful, the tips of your tail may wear through and develop holes when rubbed against a rough pool surface. Our Tail Protector includes highly technologically advanced, clear, waterproof protection tape that helps you "Love" your tail even longer!

Watch the videos below for more information on Monofins and Tail Protectors!

How To Protect Your Mermaid Tail

Watch how easy it is to kick off a Fin Fun Monofin & Tail -- no straps!

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I dinint really like it that much but my son did . and my daughter loves her fin fun mermaid tails

Why only advertised for boys?


I am a girl and I bought this. I like it and I also have a mermaid tail so sometimes I am a mershark(mermaid/shark combination). I have a question. Why is this only shown on boys? I would really appreciate it if you showed it on a girl at least once. I am also disappointed that is in a "for boys" section now. Can you please show a girl in the shark fin or a girl mershark? I really would like you to (please reply)

cool product


Initial thoughts are that it appears well built and pretty solid. Time will tell. All my scuba buddys thought it was very cool (I have it straped to my air tank) would like to see gray as a color option. The straps are a little small for me, I am 6'1' about 170lbs. Fits the tank nicely though. <br> <br>Fin Fun Says: Now new and improved straps allow for more room.

Shark VS Mermaids in our family!


When my 2 girls each got a tail, we didn't want our son feeling left out of the aquatic fantasy fun! I was gonna get him a black tail, but my husband wasn't having that... lol This shark fin was the best choice! He's not the strongest swimmer, so we are holding off on the monofin for now. He was so excited about this shark fin!!! And what brother doesn't like to make his sisters scream at the pretend threat of eating them?! LOL We had to continuously adjust the straps in the beginning, so we made it just a little extra tight, problem solved. He says its comfortable, light, and loved the props he was getting from other kids at the pool party! He wore it over a swim shirt, so I'm not sure how comfortable the straps would be on bare skin. They seem soft enough though! All in all, worth every penny!



Wow, i showed my brother your website and i told him there were shark fins, and now he really wants one! i'm planning to buy him one for his birthday, as a surprise, by the way i am a 9 year old girl.

So cool..but the arm straps are too small for bigger kids


My son is 11 and tall and really wanted this fin. I ordered it for him but the arm straps were uncomfortably small especially for kids with a longer torso. There was not enough adjustment and length in the straps. He was so very bummed. We gave it away to our neighbor's younger son who is 6 and he loves it. <br> <br>Fin Fun Says: Now with new and improved straps allow for larger reach.



I got this for my brother's birthday and he loves it. The straps are really comfortable for him. He is just learning how to swim so this is perfect because it's light. HE LOVES IT!!



My grandson really likes his sisters tail. But he wants to be a MERMAN. He will be so thrilled in March that for his birthday he not only gets a tail but a fin to go with it! His imagination will go wild.

Mermaid vs Shark! XD

by -

I'm getting this shark fin for my brother and the Arctic Blue tail for me, so it's mermaid vs shark! :D

We went to the beach and scared people

by -

So my family was going to the beach and so we had also bought IS and my daughter scared so many people with this fin

its really good


i love fin fun mermaid tails because they are really easy to swim