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Questions and Answers about our Monofins

Beautiful and realistic mermaid monofin


Question - How to I buy a Monofin?

Answer- We want to keep things flexible for our customers.  

  • If you already have a Fin Fun Mermaid tail, you can order the monofin in the size you need right here.  
  • If you'd like to purchase a new tail and a monofin at the same time, choose your color and size here, and add a monofin on the same page!  

Keep in mind, you can still buy a floppy, free flowing mermaid tail all by itself, too.  Note:  Our cute little toddler tails are not made for monofins!

Question - Are monofins and mermaid tails just for girls?

Answer - Not at all! We have boys who love their merman tails, and our new monofins are even more popular with the male gender. You can easily and comfortably wear a monofin without a mermaid tail. In our testing, little mermaids and mermen who try out the monofin have so much fun, they don't want to take it off! Boys and girls alike love the Fin Fun Monofins and wear them to swim all over the pool.

Question - Will these monofins fit my existing tail that I bought from Fin Fun or do I need to buy a new one?

Answer - Our latest tails are made with the exact dimensions of the monofin for a perfect fit. The newer mermaid tails have a slightly tighter, and more form fitting fit around the monofin. That said, you can still use our monofins with your existing tail, it will still work and look great, certainly better than any other monofin you might buy. Our older tails  made until May 2013 do not have the special sewing that keeps the monofin covered, but our testers didn't seem to mind. Some added a bit of velcro, a snap, or sewed some of the edge to keep the older tails from exposing the monofins.

Our child-size 16 tail (that fits women up to about a ladies' size 10) used to be cut to fit a Finis Wave fin, which made our size 16 tail a bit more square in dimension. In early May, 2013, we moved to our latest pattern to fit our Fin Fun Monofins perfectly. If you purchased a size 16 mermaid tail after May 1, 2013 it will fit our Fin Fun Monofin Pro.

All other child sizes (6-12 and adult WXS-WM) will work great no matter when you purchased the tail, but the tails created since May 1, 2013 have the new design to go with the new monofins.

If your tail is getting old and you would like a new color or style, feel free to get a new one with your monofin! We have so many colors, why not have more than one?

Question - I'm confused about the Monofin sizing

Answer - We have created just two sizes of monofin, the Pro & Jr. We have made them to fit pretty much all sizes of feet! This is a one size fits all monofin!

The Jr is our smaller size monofin and fits our mermaid tail child sizes 6 - 10.

The Pro is our larger size monofin will fit our mermaid sizes 12  and adult size mermaid tails.

monofin sizing

If you are an adult woman and are interested in buying a mermaid tail for yourself, check our current size charts as our larger child sizes will fit adults. You will find that our Pro Monofin is plenty big for you and will give you excellent movement in the water. In addition we are considering new adult sizes.

Question - What size feet do the Monofins fit?

Answer - Our innovative design means you don't need to worry about shoe size! We haven't met a man or woman our monofins didn't fit. ALL shoe sizes might need to exert some effort to get your feet through the holes, but keep trying, there is plenty of room inside. The ankle cuffs are made to fit snugly so your monofin stays put while you swim!

Question - Do you recommend that everyone get a monofin?

Answer - First of all, we do not recommend a monofin for young children, and do not make a monofin in a toddler size.  They need their little legs and feet free as they learn how to swim. See the picture below of a chlid wearing one of our toddler tails. They don't go past the feet, but these little mermaids still feel like the real thing!

toddler tail, no monofin

We found during our testing that the biggest factor is the child's comfort in water and their swimming ability. Note: When a child is trying a monofin for the first time, stay in shallow water until they are comfortable with it!

Our mermaid tails, even without a monofin, have always been popular with many moms for the very fact that they did not have a monofin and are open at the bottom for easy walking. We plan to continue to sell tails without monofins to make girls and moms happy! Those who want monofins can buy them alone or with their new tail.

The wonderful thing about our mermaid tails is that we still have the advantage of an open tail but our new design holds and hides the monofin when it is inserted. If you don't want to use the monofin for a while or practice swimming without it, it is easy to simply pull it out and use the tail as you always have. Ours is unique in that it can be added or taken out at anytime, and the mermaid can use the monofin when they are ready.

So, should you choose a monofin for your child? It really depends on your childs exerience in swimming more than their age. They should first learn to swim with a dolphin kick without anything on their legs or on their feet, then experience it with just the monofin, and then finally wear the tail with the monofin inserted. This can be learned very quickly and then they will be ready to have a great time, wowing everybody at the pool.

An adult needs to supervise carefully, making sure a child starts out in the shallow end of the pool. Start slow until you feel they are ready. Adult supervision is always required for saftey. Click here to read our full safety precautions and recommendations. 

Underwater mermaid monofin