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Mermaid Monofins (Flippers)

Fin Fun Monofin: Realistic, Lightweight and Comfortable


A monofin is a special flipper that truly changes you to look like a real mermaid! Our monofin is very light and comfortable, plus it makes your tail look realistic and helps you swim fast! It's good exercise too! Be sure to have adult supervision and that you are an experienced swimmer. With a little practice it won't take long and you will be having more fun than you have imagined!

Are you buying both a mermaid tail and a monofin today? Go to our Mermaid Tails  page . You can pick out your tail color and size, and add your mermaid monofin all on one page! If you already own a mermaid tail, or already have the mermaid tail you want in your cart, you're in the right place.

Looking for more information about our amazing new monofins? Click here for use, sizing, videos, and more! We've also got answers to our frequently asked questions about monofins, check it out!