Crystal's Arctic Blue Mermaid Tail

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Machine Washable

Walkable Safety Features

Breathable, Fade-Resistant Fabric

100% Swimmable

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Price Starts at $44.95


Crystal's Arctic Blue Mermaid Tail

Look like a mermaid ice princess in this mesmerizing tail.

This realistic-looking tail is speckled, marbled and swirled with rich shades and hues of blue. The fins look ribbed, realistic, and “fishy.” When stretched, this fabric gives the optical illusion of three-dimensional scales. The dimensional look and shading gives the appearance of true, overlapping fish scales. But the real magic happens when the fabric gets wet! In the water, the pattern really develops a beautiful sheen and depth unique to the Mermaiden line of Fin Fun products. The fabric is made of 80% polyester and 20% spandex that maximizes comfort and wear, while minimizing the time spent caring for the fabric. Machine washable in cool water.

Please note: Exposure to high temperatures (such as in hot tubs, dryers, etc.) can cause the spandex in the fabric to lose it's elasticity and become "stretched out". This is the common with all swimsuit / mermaid tail fabrics--we just like you to know ahead of time.

Learn more about Mermaiden Crystal on our kids' site,

How to Put on a Mermaid Tail

Genuine Fin Fun


Most Comfortable Monofin on the Market

Light, Flexible and Unbreakable

Fast, Powerful Propulsion

Fits Any Size Feet

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Our exclusive monofin is the most comfortable, safe, and realistic mermaid monofin in the world. You will experience a new level of mermaid power as you glide through the water with the best mermaid monofin available! With our patented design and buoyant neoprene cover, there is no other monofin like it. It fits so naturally you can hardly see your feet and ankles inside, which helps you look like a REAL mermaid! Although our monofin fits comfortably and securely, you can also remove it quickly and easily with a light tug. Watch the video below to see the Fin Fun monofin in action!

Tail Protectors

Do you have an older pool surface that is rougher than most? Even when you're careful, the tips of your tail may wear through and develop holes when rubbed against a rough pool surface. Our Tail Protector includes highly technologically advanced, clear, waterproof protection tape that helps you "Love" your tail even longer!

Watch the videos below for more information on Monofins and Tail Protectors!

How To Protect Your Mermaid Tail

Watch how easy it is to kick off a Fin Fun Monofin & Tail -- no straps!

For Safety Information, click here!


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This tail is so pretty! From a distance it almost looks as if it was made of silicone, even though it's not!



Does it shrink when you wash it? Please anser!!!! FinFun says: no, it will not shrink :)

beautiful, but be careful


the tail is lasting and can survive in any water. it is the most beautiful tail ever, and propels you well. but i would recomend ocean or reservoiur, cuz if you stand up in the pool, or kick of the sides, in can scratch your tail , and make it fuzzy and kind of lose its color. otherwise, its amazing!!!!!!! <br><br>Fin Fun says... Thank you for your feedback. Here is a quick tip for those who's tails get fuzzy (pill) from a bottom of a rough pool. Take a Sharpie marker in the color of your fin and color the areas that pill. It will help it look almost as good as new!

I love it!


Three of my friends had these, so I decided to get one to be a mermaid with them! I was so happy with it!!! I can swim so fast, and even the lifeguards want to know where I got it!!! The only thing is that when the fin touches the bottom of the pool, it gets all frizzy! Is there any way to prevent that? P.S. I will be getting another tail with my birthday money!!!

sorry i forgot


i forgot to say, that IT IS SO REALISTIC!!!!!!!!! i went to the aroura reservoiur with it, and there was this group of dayvcare girls, who thought i was a real mermaid. i "proved it" to them by swimming super fast and "breathing" underwater and opening my eyes. when they got called in for lunch, they ran in saying "i cant beleive i met a real mermaid!!!" it was awesome! i got one for my friend, and we got pictures with little girls, it was amazing!!!!!



The tail is beautiful. It looks so realistic. My friend has one and as soon as she showed me it I wanted one myself. It is so easy to swim in for me and it is fun thing to have. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!



je suis telement heureux de faire ce site pour payer les queues des sirénes pour les petites filles

awesome really cool


the first time I tried it on it was awesome the mono fin helps me swim really fast.the mermaid tail quality is really good it just that one side of the bottom of the mermaid tail (the place where the monofin is)it gets all fuzzy is there anyway that i can i can unfuzz it.besides that it is beautiful .this is the best gift ever <br><br>Fin Fun says... While no one watching you swim will ever notice that your fin has some "pilling or fuzz", here is a secret! Take a Sharpie marker in the color of your fin and color the areas that have pilled (balled up) from catching the fabric on the bottom of a rough pool. This can really help!

Very well made.


I ordered it thursday and i was expecting it to come in 2 weeks. Guess what! It came TODAY! THURSDAY! I Tried it on for the first time And i have been wanting a mermaid tail for forever and i finally got it! Oh my gosh are the colors beautiful and pretty. it looked really realistic and And fit like it was made for me. You Guys Make REALLY good products and when i grow out of this one, I will 100% Come back for another. The stitching and everything on it is very well done! Bravo fin fun! Coming back soon, A VERY HAPPY MERMAID. :)



This is my 3rd tail from fin fun! My other two had sparkles & washed off but this one will last forever because it doesn't have sparkles!! This arrived really early and was so colorful! We are getting a pool soon so I can't wait!! PS: I'm thinking of sending a mermaid story to your blog-how do I do that? <br><br>Fin Fun says: Thanks Gracen! If you go to and click on submit your story, then scroll to the bottom you can type your story right in the comments and it will show up on the site! Can't wait to see what you create! Have fun!



OMG!!!!!!!!! i love mine ! for people who don't have one need one it is easy to swim in . I live on a lake so i almost go swimming every day. All my friends have one too. You look like a real mermaid with it on. They are easy to put on.



I love this tail it's so pretty. but I was wondering where do you get the scale print fabric from?<br><br>Fin Fun says: We have it made for us from our own custom designs.



Hello I got this tail and wore it at the pools. Eveyone loved it and people kept asking me where i got it. A few little kids actually thought I was a REAL mermaid! ! I love this tail and it looks great under water. Thank you fin fun!

Fin fun!


I loved this site for 3 year now and I always will! I've had two amazing tails for the years and once every year I get another tail! I got the pirates gold and the kind of new carribean blue tail with monofin! Everyone at the pool was crowding my wanting to feel it, WEAR it, and swim with me! I felt so good! Next year I'm thinking about getting the Arctic blue one and I'm excited! Thank you so much and will you maybe make a red tail in the arctic blue style? Thx!

Arctic Blue Tail Review


I just revieved my wonderful tail and I am already in love with, it's bigger then I imagined it to be, and has a wonderful pattern once stretched with the mono fin, I can't wait till the swim suit sizes are back in stock and also the headband because they sell out fast, but yet again you guys did a great job on the tails design and features Thank - You Fin Fun Mermaid

Realistic and amazing; I love it SO MUCH!

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I recently had an awesome friend of mine (Cap'n Bill) donate funds for my very first mermaid tail. I've wanted one since I was a little girl, and my dreams finally came true! The tail in incredibly realistic aesthetic and function-wise. It looks and (with the monofin) moves like a real mermaid tail. The monofin really propels you through the water, and looks amazing to boot. The material is comfortable, the colours are vivid, and the fabric is so intricately detailed. I feel like it will last me a long time. I am a stock model and recently used my tail in a photoshoot at the beach. It turned amazing, and the tail looked so realistic...even as much as the more expensive silicone tails- at a minor fraction of the price. It looks amazing in videos, too! A very good bargain, worth EVERY penny! It's perfect for the pool, beach, or wherever! I LOVE my Fin Fun mermaid tail in Crystal's Arctic Blue. I will be buying much more from Fin Fun in the future. Thanks for making my dreams come true, Captain Bill and Fin Fun!


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it is beautiful i love it it. came so fast .it came in 3 days . i ordered it on Friday and came on Monday. but live in utah



I got this tail and the day it came I went to the pool. There kids were staring in awe. But out of the corner of my eye I saw a girl and from there on I played with her all day. At the end of the day I said "sea you later". I loved the monofin and the detail of the fabric. it looks so real. 10 out of 10 from me FinFun. Thanks so much for making my day.

Pretty good


About a year ago I purchased the Caribbean blue mermaid tail and when I got it I was sooooo happy it was my favorite thing to do and I used it about 30 times and now it is not even blue it is white from fading so I'm thinking of either purchasing either the arctic blue or the Aussie green so what would you say?

in Australia


I LOVE this tail so much! This was the best present ever!



This is the best tail ever! I am now a fin fun mermaid and forever will be ~ mermaid carly

:D soo happy


Ok as like a late birthday gift my mom got me an arctic blue tail. I got it yesterday and it was really small compared to me, so i had to stretch it out a bit and now though its still hard to get into it works, it looks beautiful. But i just noticed now that my mom got the wrong size, but hey as long as it still works and its still intact im fine with it. Thanks soo much for a dream come true

Awesome :o)

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It looked gorgeous in the photos but it looks even more gorgeous outside!

Absolutely Love This

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I have been obsessed with mermaids since I was little. I always wanted a tail, but couldn't get one because the silicone ones are way out of my budget. When I found this site, I had to get one! I am really happy with this and I love the color! I was surprised how fast it came too. I live in Buffalo and we had a HUGE snow storm and I got this the day after the roads cleared. The next day I went to test it out during the open swim before I had to teach swim lessons, I ended up having to keep it on because the children loved it! One of the little ones thought it was real and that I turned into a mermaid, he was so concerned that he cried because he thought I wouldn't be able to see my family for Thanksgiving. I was so happy with this product, that I bought a toddler tail for my niece (who also LOVES mermaids) for Christmas.



OMG!!! I just got my mermaid tail and i am already in love with it. Thank you fin fun for making my wish come true.